The Spiders from Mars

Here at Most Monster Productions, we have been diligently working on our art camp and interactive installation for Ignition: Chew-burn-it-all. If you missed our project pitch, check it out!

Last Saturday, we brought our prototype Spider from Mars to the dance floor at the Dragon’s Den. It seemed like everyone really liked it! 

Now you can build your own!

Last week we also shared the blueprint for the Spiders on social media and invited our friends to help us create and display as many Spiders as possible. We want to fill Chew-burn-it-all with infestation, or perhaps even invasion levels of Spiders from Mars! 

These plans leave a lot to your own personal creative discretion. Whether you feel called to build your spiders with a triangle side length of 42 inches or 42 feet, these plans will work for you. 

The spiders can be built using any material or combination of materials. Wire, wood, wicker, fabric, foam, string, bamboo, construction paper or pretty much anything else can be used to create your very own Spider from Mars.

Our original prototype was built from foam core

We’re planning on building many more from our all time favorite material: Cardboard.

If you happen to know where we might be able to find lots of cardboard in or around New Orleans or if you’re interested in helping with the Spiders or joining us at the Art Camp, please let us know