Planning for Chew-Burn-It-All

We recently pitched our concept for the Chewbacchus Ignition Festival. This festival is a local version of Burning Man and will be 3-days of large-scale interactive art displays and sound camps. We here at Most Monster Manor are very excited. Here was our pitch:

There was a time. A time before the Most Monster spectacular was planned for the humbling chance to entertain our lord and master the Drunken Wookie, shall I dare but to say his name, Chewbacchus, all hail. It was a time of darkness indeed…

The revitalization of the mystic tableau has been on my mind, and we wish to honor a prophet to the star men himself Ziggy Stardust. The Most Monster Machine will be an on site a space ship disguised as a earthling cargo van. There will be a stage constructed as a platform for a musical tableau on top of the van with the latest in sound and light technology.

The unwashed masses will be given free reign to control monstrous glowing Spiders from Mars using antiquated rope and pulley systems. These mechanical creations will terrify and delight as they remind us of the greatness of our sacred Wookie in the sky.

Take a psychedelic break at ground control, Major Tom. Here is a chill space with a creature functioning as a hookah, but resembling a squid alien. Merely light fire to his head and suck upon his tentacles while you ponder the glory of the question-less answer 42

We will entertain with puppets and creatures, and enlighten with performance, sound, and light. We need your support so we can do what we do best.

Ben got a real kick out of writing the project description in the voice of his favorite cult. Alex and I took a bit more practical approach and included a more practical list of projects for our salute to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. 

Spiders From Mars: Oversized spider puppet that spectators will have the opportunity to control. These spiders as well as the rest of the camp will be decorated with EL wire and similar lights. 

Ground Control: This is base camp, inside there will be comfortable chill space with an interactive alien hookah. 

Mobile Stage: The Most Monster van will be rigged with two 1000 watt speakers, lights, a smoke machine, disco balls, and other necessary party supplies. 

Performance Aspect: Through out the weekend, we will preform musical tableaus and encourage audience participation.

 Find out more about the festival and get your tickets at