Most Monster is a clandestine team of mad scientists who specialize in creating immersive art environments through augmented reality.

Most Monster's team of highly-trained specialists use default reality as an empty matrix which can be used, harnessed and manipulated to enhance and expand the experience of the end-user audience. 

Each of our specialists has extensive experience in a wide range of building, fine art, audio-visual and performance skills, all of which are brought to bear on our highly-selective and ever-expanding production schedule. 

Those brave enough to work with Most Monster are assured an experience like no other.


Most Monster was founded in 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Megan Thobe, Ben Miller and Alex Cardosi. Since relocating to New Orleans in 2015, the team has grown to include Sam Bass, Patrick Ellis and Dennis Rich.


Megan Thobe,  Art Director/Manager

Thobe,  who earned a degrees in mass communications and journalism before beginning a career in film, serves as  art director - managing Most Monster Media, crew schedules, and budgets. In addition to management, Thobe applies skills from a lifetime as a creative to interactive and practical effects, set construction, and design. 

Ben Miller, Lead Designer

Miller is Most Monster's lead designer, having worked as a production designer on low-budget feature films for over a decade. He is a versatile artist, miniature builder, fabricator, story teller, and concept designer. Miller has spent the last five years mastering nearly every art department job while working on big-budget films and television shows.

Alexander Cardosi, Lead Artist/Performer

Cardosi began his professional art career as an illustrator and graphic designer.  His interest in character design and story-telling led him to theatrical productions as a set and prop builder as well as a featured performer.  Alex has led performance art troupe, The Vincent Vile Show, for three years, before crossing into the film world as a scenic artist and set designer. Alex plays a key role conceptualizing and creating settings and characters for Most Monster projects.

Sam Bass, Director of Production

Bass, a former educator,  has rapidly made a name for herself working in production on numerous film, commercial and television projects. Bass works to assist clients and plans and manages production agendas for the team. 

Patrick Ellis, Conceptual Development

Ellis, Most Monster's renaissance man, is an accomplished designer and builder, transforming the group's artistic vision into practical applications and techniques. Originally from New York, Ellis has spent a lifetime mastering an eclectic skillset - ranging from horse training to pyrotechnics - and provides invaluable expertise at every stage of production.

Dennis Rich, Media/ Wordsmith/ Story Development

Rich, originally from Missouri, spent 10 years as an award-winning journalist and editor in print media before relocating to New Orleans in pursuit of more creative projects. Rich's content helps present a unified artistic voice to Most Monster projects while also aiding development of The Vincent Vile Show and other featured productions.